The Ties that Bind?

Professor Jim Stone (Princeton University) and I recently had a paper accepted in ApJ entitled “The Ties that Bind?  Galactic Magnetic Fields and Ram Pressure Stripping”  We include galactic magnetic fields with two different morphologies-a toroidal field or a more dipole-like field (DIP).  We use Athena with a static mesh.  I have made a movie of the first ~500 Myr of the DIP run using yt, an analysis code that I cannot say enough great things about.  You can see that after 500 Myr I also highlight lower density gas, and zoom into two regions of the tail.  Then I step through slices of ~13 kpc width to show that there seems to be turbulent mixing, or at least interactions, between gas at different densities both close to and far from the disk and that gas with densities higher than that of the ICM survives to at least 100 kpc (our simulated box size) above the disk.


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